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Fress 112 in the La Opinión de Tenerife newspaper


Noticia sobre Fress en la Opinión de Tenerife.


fresswatch_enNew product: Fresswatch

Fress has been adapted for use on a smartwatch. More information here. Fress has launched two new products, the smartwatch shown here and the Fress Mirror, which is a rearview mirror for vehicles, with the app installed. For use in any roadside incident.

First rescue operation with FRESS

7th July 2013 from 112Canarias.com

barranco_machado1-1-2 Canarias coordinates the rescue of a hiker in the Tenerife hills using the FRESS 112 app.

The app allowed the Coordinating Centre to receive the exact coordinates of the incident. Doctors from the SUC in the 1-1-2 call centre could study the victim’s injuries using photographs sent from the scene using the application.



On 25th June 2013, FRESS was launched in the Canary Islands. If you are going on holiday to Las Palmas, Tenerife, or any of the other islands, go to www.fress112.com and download now, or go to google play and download fress112. It’s free! For more information, see the official Canary Island 112 page. For Press reports, see this page.